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A few weeks ago, I enjoyed a wonderful wine-infused meal at Bin 36 in Chicago. It was such a lovely time, and I’d recommend that all of you go whenever you are in downtown Chicago. But this is not a post about Bin 36 – it is a post about a wine pairing it offered. This new-to-me pairing provides an alternative to sweet wines with cheese, which you can read about here. This dry wine was great with goat cheese and offers a great value as well!

The wine varietal in question is Colombard. Say what?! Yes, Colombard. I received it in a wine flight that complemented the creamy, mild goat cheese portion of a cheese flight at Bin 36. Yum! And I think it would have been great with the Snofrisk goat cheese I bought from The Corkscrew last spring. This mild-mannered wine offers a complementary intensity to the goat cheese. According to The Food Lover’s Guide to Wine, Colombard is a classic pairing with goat cheese, as well as Asian cuisine, fish, oysters, pasta, and salads. It also probably is descended from one of the key aromatic varietals, Chenin Blanc, so my nose should be pleased when I drink Colombard as well. Other more intense aromatics include Riesling, Gewurtztraminer, and Viognier. Colombard (and Chenin Blanc for that matter) just offers some of the same floral and fruity flavors (think citrus, apples, peaches, or tropical fruits) on the nose without beating you over the head. Apparently, many California wineries use Colombard for bulk white wines, so you may have already drank it without realizing. And the large supply of this grape means Colombard-based wines are often great values. I’m excited to take advantage of that value proposition in the future! In fact, just today, I purchased an $8 version of French Colombard (the typical white from the Cotes de Gascogne region of France) at The Corkscrew. I’m looking forward to giving this lightly aromatic wine a try to see if my second tasting of Colombard is as enjoyable as my first.

Cheers Dears,
The Wandering Wine Girl

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