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Navigating the Champagne Aisle

Happy New Year, everyone!  I hope your plans to usher in 2012 are coming along swimmingly. If you are throwing or attending a party, sparkling wine may be on your mind. What to choose, what to choose? Sparklers come with … Continue reading

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All I Want for Christmas Is…

…in the spirit of Mariah Carey, you, of course  But this holiday weekend, I also want to try a new-to-me bottle of red wine that will make all you Rhone Rangers out there stand up and cheer! On first tasting of this … Continue reading

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I’m Down with the Brown (and Cookies!)

If you are able to fit anything into your schedule besides work, shopping, and holiday partying these days, I salute you! In my free time, I’ve just been shopping, mostly online, and eating/drinking way too much. Not that this wine writer is complaining. … Continue reading

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Are You a Rhone Ranger?

Do you count Syrah, Grenache, and Viognier as some of your favorite wines?  If so, you love wines that gained fame in the Rhone Valley of France. A few decades ago, some upstarts from Paso Robles in California, calling themselves the Rhone Rangers, … Continue reading

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Pharmacy and Filling Station Wines

Picture this: You are rushing to your next holiday party after baking cookies and shopping for your favorite nephew’s Star Wars Lego’s. Driving towards your BFF’s (or coworker’s, or mild acquaintance’s) house, you realize you’ve forgotten a hostess gift. You know a … Continue reading

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